Tuesday, 10 September 2013 21:11

Brain Exercises for the Elderly

As a person ages, the body naturally deteriorates. Both physical and mental functions can be lost if they are not used regularly. Maintaining a strong mind is important to preserving an independent lifestyle, and this can be done with different brain exercises.

Grab a Newspaper

The newspaper is a great source for exercising the brain. First it provides engaging articles for readers to enjoy. Reading forces the mind to continually assess and comprehend what is being seen, exercising the brain in a fun manner. Many newspapers also provide brainteasers and puzzles. Crosswords, Sudoku, word puzzles: all of these activities train the brain. They provide great mental workouts for people of all ages, but specifically to the elderly who need to maintain brain power for independent living.

Memorize Something

Another way to exercise the brain is to work on different memory skills. Memory games are a large part of a child’s learning and development; the same can be said for the elderly. Although a senior citizen doesn’t need to sit down at a table and play a SpongeBob matching memory game, there are other activities that can be used to exercise the brain. Seniors can practice memorizing information such as a grocery list or a TV schedule. To memorize a list, the senior can practice making associations or grouping the information into smaller categories. Make the lists longer as it becomes easier to recall the information.

Use Technology

Technology has made great advances in recent years, especially in the form of affordable mobile devices. Many people of all ages have either smartphones or tablets on hand. The elderly can take advantage of the technology out there and download brain-training applications on a mobile device.

Pick Up Some Weights

It might seem surprising, but a recent study showed memory improvement in people who worked out with free weights and did exercises such as squats and lunges. These muscle-strengthening exercises promote increased blood flow to the brain, giving both the body and the mind a workout.