Discharge Planning Made Easy

Transition from a hospital, skilled care or community based care can be stressful. Each decision is an opportunity to improve quality of life. However, the wrong choices can be costly. and can set you back to square one:the hospital emergency room. Thankfully, these are decisions you don't have to make on your own. Stonebridge Geriatric Care Managers are experts in Transitional Care. We understand where you are now, And can help you get where you need (and want) to be. Additionally, we can help you figure out the best way to pay for it without breaking the bank!

Transitional Care

When the time comes to be discharged from an acute care setting there will be a myriad of decisions to be made, like which where to go and what services are needed Unfortunately, many discharge planner's hands are tied when it comes to recommending the absolute best option for you. Our hands, however, are not tied. Being independent allows us to provide unbiased options and suggestions on the most beneficial direction of care. When we present options it is because we believe those are the absolute best services offered.

Skilled Nursing, Long Term Care, Home Health, Personal/In-home Care Service, and Hospice:

Stonebridge Nurse Care Managers have extensive experience working with all of these types of care. We work with clients to determine which, if any, of these services are needed and then initiate the start of services. While the client is receiving one of these services, our Nurse Care Managers assume the role of patient advocate, working collaboratively with the care team to ensure that the client's voice is not lost. Our RN Nurse Care Managers monitor and supplement the service, providing oversight and offering face to face visits by Nurse Practitioners as needed. If clients are discharging from one of the above levels of care, our Nurse Care Managers are there to ensure that they don't fall through the cracks. From start of care to discharge, we navigate the bureaucracy of these systems, giving families peace of mind, and freedom to focus on what really matters.

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If you think you or one of your family members would benefit from our Geriatric Care Management or Behavioral Health Case Management Programs, one of our knowledgeable Nurse Case Mangers will be happy to assist you.