Thursday, 19 September 2013 00:00

Keeping the Elderly Active

It is important to keep the body in good condition no matter what the age, but it is especially true for the elderly. As a body gets older, it deteriorates. Eyesight gets worse, hearing goes away, and bones become weaker. If there is extra weight or not enough muscle mass on the body, it can become almost impossible for an elderly person to get around. No matter what the physical limitations are, an elderly person should regularly participate in some level of physical activity.

Severely Limited

The elderly that are severely limited can participate in light activities that can keep the muscles moving. Severely limited could be anywhere from bed ridden to needing assistance with a walking aid. If the elderly has restricted mobility, they can carefully stretch to loosen up the muscles. If possible, the elderly person can also add a small weight into the stretching routine. This will help to keep the body moving and the blood flowing to necessary parts. This will also help prevent the body from deteriorating as rapidly.

Moderately Limited

The more physical strength the elderly has the more physical activity they should incorporate into their daily routine. A short walk around the home or in the garden provides the physical exertion needed to keep the blood and oxygen flowing. A small weight can be added to the walk if the person is physically capable. Dancing is another physical activity that the elderly can participate in. If they cannot stand for long periods of time, the elderly can sit in a chair and participate by moving the hands and feet along with the beat.

Mildly Limited

If the body is capable, the elderly should think about participating in an aerobic exercise or swimming class. The class should be designed specifically for seniors and their needs so that they body isn’t exerted beyond what is safe. It would be beneficial for the elderly to participate in both cardio activities as well as muscle strengthening activities. All physical activity should be cleared with a healthcare provider before participation.