Monday, 26 August 2013 00:00

Transitioning from Independent to Dependent

As an independent person, it can be difficult to make the transition to dependent or assisted living. As you get older, however, it is likely that you need more assistance than your family is able to provide, making assisted living a necessity. Make the transition from independent to dependent living easier with these tips.

Find the Right Home

Finding the right assisted living home can make the transition much easier. When you are looking for a home, find out what services are offered. Usually, an assisted living center will have various accommodations that cater to the dependence level of the senior. If you are able to get around with minimal assistance, find a center that allows you to maintain a level of independence without putting your safety at risk. Make sure the center can also increase the level of assistance as your health declines.

Personalize Your Space

Leaving your home can cause an emotional struggle that can affect your health. To combat this feeling, personalize your space with things from home that remind you of good times. Having a space that is unique to you will make you feel more at home, making the transition easier on your emotions.

Talk to Friends & Family

Loneliness can also affect you as you transition into assisted living. Surround yourself with friends and family during this time to help with these feelings. If your family lives long distances away, schedule phone conversations to catch up with each other. Invite friends, even if they live just down the hall, to tea. This will give you a sense of normalcy, making the change in living not as difficult.

Stay Busy

To help make the transition to dependent living easier, find ways to stay busy. Just because you require assistance doesn’t mean you can’t join in the same activities as before. Many assisted living centers offer transportation, so you will be able to maintain relationships in groups you’ve been a part of. If it is harder for you to get out, you can also join groups and activities located at the assisted living center.