Thursday, 22 August 2013 12:58

Ways for Seniors to Stay Active

Staying active is an important factor in remaining healthy. Seniors who stay active end up leading a higher quality of life, many times maintaining their independence longer than those who do not. Staying active has a positive impact on your body, mind, and soul


The first is the body. If you stay active physically, you will be in better shape and stronger than if you were to sit around. The key to keeping your body in shape is to constantly find ways to move. Walking and water aerobics are both good ways to get moving without distressing your body. Other good exercises are stretching and moving to music, and housework. Walk out to the mailbox to get your mail or mow your lawn. Make sure you do not overexert yourself in your exercises. Pick exercises and activities that are appropriate for your body and health. No matter what exercise you choose, staying active physically will allow you to maintain your independence longer.


Not only should you exercise your body, you should also exercise your mind. Staying active and being social will also help your mind stay focused and sharp. You can keep your mind active by reading or doing puzzles. Find a newspaper, magazine, or good book to read. Pick topics that are new and interesting, and find something to learn. You could even consider taking a class. Crossword puzzles and logic problems are also good brainteasers that will get you thinking.


Finally, staying active is also good for the soul. Your emotions and moods can have a positive or negative impact on your health. You can offset the negative impacts by finding ways to remain social. Visit with friends and family, or if you are able, consider volunteering to visit with other seniors who are immobile and unable to move around. You can also enroll in groups and clubs that offer games or arts and crafts.