What Does an In-Home Assessment Include?

Personal Care Assessment

A home care assessment is an evaluation of the client's needs and the family's concerns performed by a Registered Nurse. This can help your family better understand your loved one's current situation and plan for future needs. The assessment also includes a review of:

  • Medical Information: medical history, physical abilities, and medications
  • Functional Abilities: activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, and meal preparation
  • Cognitive Function: memory and mental abilities


Case Management Assessment

A case management assessment is a medical, financial, and psycho/social evaluation conducted by a Master's level licensed social worker with experience in working with aged and disabled people. An assessment is helpful when there has been a change in behavior, social isolation, a loss of initiative, financial mistakes, threat of abuse, or frequent accidents or hospitalizations.
The result of an in-home assessment is a plan of care (a road map, if you will) for your loved one that supports his or her ongoing safety and happiness with the highest level of independence possible. You can then select ongoing services with our team to implement that plan of care.

Request an In-Home Assessment

Our care coordinators:

  • Arrange and manage personal services
  • Assist with government programs when necessary
  • Facilitate hospitalizations and discharge
  • Provide medical referrals to specialists in geriatric care
  • Provide legal referrals to professionals in estate planning, advance directives, and powers of attorney
  • Help with decisions related to where to live, optimizing social benefits, safety and security and planning for level of care changes
  • Arrange day programs and respite care to support the primary caregiver's need to attend to his or her own health, career, or personal needs.
  • A care coordinator is resourceful and creative! Using years of experience and training, they will help you find the best solution for your caregiving needs.